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Hall Monuments offers the following types of Monuments: 

Upright: Upright headstones’ weight can vary. These headstones stand tall from the ground up. Upright headstones can be made out of various materials such as granite, brownstone, glass or marble. Most upright monuments today are crafted out of granite due to the natural strength and durability of the material.

Flat: Flat headstones are often referred to as ground-level headstones or grave markers. These headstones are flat and on the ground. They can be up to a couple inches off the ground. Flat grave markers can be used as foot stone to a larger family monument. With new technology these grass markers can truly tell a life story.

Bronze Markers: Most Bronze monuments are grass markers. These flush markers are made out of cast bronze. Some of the bronze cemetery markers are doweled and pinned into a granite base. Bronze is also used for statuary work on cemetery memorials. Bronze lettering is now once again being offered for use on granite cemetery gravestones.

Slant Style Monuments:There are many variations of slant style grave markers. Cemeteries have specific rules and regulations about the sizes of slant that can be used. A slant monument is normally low to the ground it can be one to two feet high the polished face sloping at about a 45 degree angle. The slant memorials are always supported by a foundation. And a headstone base can raise the slant marker off the ground as to not hide the lettering from the planting or desirable of a different look. The inclined inscription surface of slant headstone not only contributes to the prominence of the inscription, but also, unlike the flat or flush marker it sheds the rainfall and nature, which keeps it clean


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